2-day Workshop

Speak to Impress

By Personal Branding Executive Coach & Speaking Skills Trainer:
Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal

There is a famous saying

`` The moment we open our mouth, we tell the world who we are.`` There is a difference between producing sound through vocal cord & communicating effectively.

Three things have a significant impact on our success: Speaking Clearly, Thinking Imaginatively, and Listening Intently. A lot more can be accomplished in less time if these three factors can be coordinated.

“The Success of your Presentation is judged not by the Knowledge you send but by What the Listener receives”

And Coach Rajesh Aggarwal has excelled in this field since 1994.

After attending his Speak to Impress Workshop, many Business Leaders, Speakers, and Professionals have experienced significant success.

More About the Trainer & Coach

Rajesh Aggarwal, who has been working in the field of Speaking & Thinking Skills for nearly three decades, has had the opportunity to influence the lives of over 3 lac people through live and online workshops.

His YOU TUBE videos have millions of viewers and subscribers from nearly 100 countries. Business Today magazine has referred him as “DR. DESTINY.”

His live sessions took place in America, Bangladesh, Nepal, Dubai, Thailand and over 92 Indian cities

What will you gain in 2- Days

Content and Delivery alignment

  • Appropriate Body Language and the Amount of Stage Coverage
  • Why is it important to use emotions when communicating a message?
  • How to speak clearly and extempore on any subject
  • Effective method for grabbing viewers' attention right away
  • What are the various speech openings?
  • Guidelines for introducing speakers at any event
  • How many points in a lengthy presentation must be made?

Apart from these some more Topics to be covered in 2 Day Workshop

  • How to Explore & Maximize Potential
  • How to discover Organic Abilities
  • How to Break Past Negative Experience / Barrier
  • What is Success? What are the four pillars of Success?
  • How one can consistently have a positive outlook?
  • Why Personal Branding is Essential & How to improve?
  • What is the objective of business and what procedures will ensure steady market growth?
  • 10 Golden ways for a result oriented Negation Skills
  • How to build a career in Speaking & Training?

Methodology of the Workshop

Speak to Impress is a Participativ Powerful Interactive workshop. Through various Speaking techniques each participant will have the opportunity to Perform, Learn & Imbibe from the Observations by the Coach.

By the end of the Workshop, participants will be ready to face any audience with a Mesmerizing Presentation anytime.

“If you can Speak, You can Influence. If you can Influence, You can Change Lives”

So, become A Speaker, Influencer & A Life Changer!

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