Rajesh Aggarwal

Quotes By Rajesh Aggarwal

  • Weaker looks for followers while Leaders creat Lovers
  • The only person who can say with guarantee whether you can achieve your Dream or not is your inner voice
  • The day one stop blaming & complaining all problems become a challenge
  • Start a day with total clarity to achieve top three priorities by the end of the day
  • Aging begins when one stop learning.
  • Transformation takes place when one says enough is enough.
  • To tap the untapped never allow the word satisfaction to become your master.
  • If your today is more passionate than yesterday then you are in right Business.
  • Fulfill the ambition of your team.They in return will fulfill your Dream.
  • As far as possible delay anger. It will always help to discover new ways to manage any situation.
  • The best way to monitor a day is to keep a track of three hours. After each three hours check where have you reached.

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