Rajesh Aggarwal

Leadership & Statesmanship

Leadership and Statesmanship both are foundational pillars of a strong system.

All leaders are not statesmen but all statesmen are essentially good Leaders.

Statesmanship holds a little higher status than Leadership. While Leadership can be seen primarily as taking initiative and solving a problem in order to achieve certain goals, the statesmanship covers a wider range of impactful influence and responsible actions based on high values with mass interest at the core.

Statesmanship demands a greater demonstration of crisis management from a human angle. The one having an immense connection with self and others; has overcome the mediocre thinking system; always flows with the mindset of giving, positive changing & a vision of transforming masses’ lives for better, qualifies to be titled as a statesman.

Hence, while Leadership is an everlasting priority, the urge of optimum Statesmanship in the current scenario is of utmost importance.

What do you strive to be?

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