Rajesh Aggarwal

Finding gap is key of Business growth

Finding gap (even competitor has captured a large chunk of Market ) is key of Business growth. There is always a gap in the market in terms of product quality or timely supply or quickly handling complaints , your job as a Business owner is to see the gap and fulfill it with your best services will lead you towards a Brand or credibility.
In my Business coaching session I have always emphasized on keeping quality on top than just focusing on multiplying the sales and turnover. I am reminded of a wellness products international organisations about their mission statement : We wish to become No.1 in quality than sales or turnover.
So , what to do ?
Take a piece of paper and write 5 key areas of improvement in terms of Product quality ,  aligning with existing customer or distributor , making each employee as company brand or ambassador , quick response to complain and evaluating progress of daily basis.
Please remember for many business means only turnover or self glory but for very few it is transforming the lives of people and becoming a Rule Model
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