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An article on Relationship

I was once asked by one of my co-travelers (those who attend my 2-day #MBA #workshops are known as co-travelers) the mechanism of #Relationship.

I said, from the perspective of my 28 years of #training and #coaching, all relationships in the #world fall into two major categories: Inner & Outer relationships.

Inner relationships are #emotional, with a few close ones with whom you feel like sharing anything and everything simply because you #believe these people will never judge, evaluate or discriminate. They accept you in your totality and whole-heartedly #support you to the best of their ability to make the world a better place for you. Typically, they are not more than two or three and you never would like to lose them.

Outer relationships are the ones where some sort of #Business transaction, #Commercial activity or perception-based connection persists. Such relations require #trust but lack true sense of belonging. You may call them seasonal birds. They are around when everything is fine and will take no time to fly away at first #adversity. I won’t suggest parting with such people unless you fear any harm; just be #cautious not to reveal #sensitive information to them which might get distorted and misused to spoil your #reputation or other relations.

While all relations have their own importance, my recommendation is to identify and classify your inner and outer relationships and nurture them for an #intellectual, #social and #financial growth.

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