EOTA - Employee Ownership & Team Alignment

by Rajesh Aggarwal
(Leading International Motivational Speaker & Business Coach)

About Rajesh Aggarwal

How to create a Winning Mindset by Redefining Thinking - that's what Coach Rajesh Aggarwal is involved in since 1994.
Leading magazine, Business Today referred him as 'DR.DESTINY'.
His You Tube channel has 2,17,000 plus organic subscribers & 1 crore viewers from 100 countries. More than one million people have benefitted through his programs.

Overview of the Workshop

Based on nearly 3 decades of experience in the field of Corporate Training , Coach Rajesh has realized that, sense of Ownership & Team Alignment are the two main concerns of any Organizational head.

This demonstrates how deeply ingrained the Organization's Mission, Values and Philosophy are into every member of its family. The Speaker's Experience in delivering the content will help inject these concerns to a great level.

Leadership comes naturally, once the concept of OWNERSHIP is understood. The workshop also covers PMS - People Management Skills, which are referred to as the Highest Rewarding & Maximum Achieving Skills.

Process of the Workshop

It's a Powerful, Interactive & Participative workshop. Throughout the day, participants will remain involved with the enriching activities that will help the learnings sink in their minds instantly.

How many sessions and subjects to be covered

There will be 4 sessions in all during the day. Program will start at 10am and will conclude by 6 pm .Different subjects will be covered in each session.

Let's examine session-specific information:

  • Session 1st : This session will deal with Mindset , Attitude , Responsibilities , Ownership & Leadership.
  • Session 2nd : In this session,we shall discuss on complete Business strategy, Competition, Organ to Organisation & Sales.
  • Session 3rd : This session will blow the mind with superb People Management Skills concepts.
  • Session 4th : Final session will deal with Goal setting , Time Management & Daily Monitoring Process.


Q. Is it possible to change in Short Time?

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Q. Why do we need training ?

The concept of Comprehensive Branding has been upgraded from Product, Price, Place & Promotion to 4 more Ps: Positioning, People, Packaging & Personality.

If each Business Leader in your Company is as effective as Product then consistent growth of Business is Unstoppable. It has been proved that PHS-People Handling Skills are the high value skills which separates you from Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary.

Logistics to be arranged
by the organiser

Cordless collar mike + One hand mike + Podium + Notebook + Name card for each participant + Flip chart + Markers with different colors. Water + Food arrangements to be done outside the hall.

``Happy Employees lead to Happy customers, which in turn leads to More Profits``

so why not make our employees contended and TURN THEM FROM TASK PERFORMERS TO TASK ACHEIVERS``

To organize this workshop, feel free to contact us at 9871144880